Implantable Miniature Telescope: Newest Developments

Dr. Marc H. Levy  performed the first insertion of the implantable miniature telescope (IMT) in Florida on an 81 year old at Sarasota Memorial Hospital’s Cape Surgery Center on February 4, 2013. A second patient is scheduled for the latter part of February and a third in March.

What is the Implantable Miniature Telescope

This device is a small telescope that is surgical implanted in patients with end stage dry macular degeneration. The device enlarges images on the retina so the remaining unaffected retina can be used to help see the environment. It is used in patients with best corrected visual accuity of 20/80 to 20/800.

How to get a Implantable Miniature Telescope

Each patient has to undergo evaluations including being seen by a retina specialist to document that the macular degeneration is dry and stable, and a low vision optometrist at least 3 times to make sure the patient can tolerate a telescope. Once these specialist have confirmed that the patient qualifies the next step is to to see a low-vision occupational therapist who will visit the patients residence to make sure there is a stable environment which is conducive to their upcoming surgery. Then a complete exam by the surgeon, including a corneal endothelial cell count, axial length, flurorescein angiography, and spectral-domain OCT. It is these test and evaluations that Vision Care hopes will identify those patients who will benefit the most from this revolutionary surgery.

Patients interested in having an examination for possible appropriateness of implantation of the intraocular telescope should contact Sarasota Retina Institute at 941-921-5335 and make an appointment to see Dr Chen or Dr. Torres.


Marc H. Levy

Neuro-ophthalmology and orbital surgery

Sarasota Retina Institute

Sarasota, Florida 


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