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Today marks a momentous occasion for Florida residents with dry macular degeneration. Dr. Marc Levy  surgically implanted the first implantable miniature telescope in Florida since its approval by the FDA. This was accomplished at Sarasota Memorial Hospital on Febuary 4, 2013.

The telescope had been investigated by the FDA for over 7 years before its approval. Dr. Levy was involved in the initial studies and surgery for the telescope. The telescope gives patient with dry macular degeneration improved vision.

Prior to the surgery the patient must be evaluated by Dr. Lissa Rivero, low vision specialist,  and by a specially trained occupational therapist. Once it is determined that the patient will be a good candidate they can then undergo the procedure. The surgery is an outpatient procedure, that takes around a hour to preform. The patient then goes home and follows up the next day in the clinic. After healing the patient will need follow up to help adjust to the new vision.

To learn more about the implantable miniature telescope  please contact Sarasota Retina Institute.


Jody Abrams, MD


Sarasota Retina Institute

Sarasota, Florida 




  1. […] We are pleased to announce  that the Florida medicare provider has now approved the implantation of the Implantable Miniature Telescope (IMT). This is wonderful news for our patients with advanced dry macular degeneration. The telescope can be put in people that are over the age of 75 and who have not had cataract surgery, with stable dry macular degeneration. Here at Sarasota Retina Institute we are proud to have Dr. Marc Levy involved with this device. Dr. Levy was one of only a handful of surgeons in the country to be involved with the original FDA trials to get the IMT approved. He was able to work with the company to fine tune the device and the surgical insertion of it. He also brought together and has kept and a top notch team of  a low vision specialist  and an occupational therapist to help patients get ready for the telescope and adjust to their new improved life after the surgery. He is currently the only surgeon approved in the southern Florida area to preform the surgery. The first approved telescope was implanted on February 4, 2013. […]

  2. […] at Sarasota Retina Institute. As many of you have heard 2 weeks ago Dr. Levy  placed the first implantable miniature telescope in the state of Florida. This marks an incredible advancement for the treatment of patients with […]

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