New Treatment For a Pulling Problem: Jetrea


The first non-surgical alternative to eye surgery (vitrectomy) for a vision-threatening problem that affects approximately 250,000 people a year in the United States, is now available, Jetrea.

The FDA recently approved (October 2012) this injectable drug, Jetrea,  that is specifically indicated for the condition known as vitreo-macular adhesion (VMA) or vitreo-macular traction syndrome (VMT).

 Vitreo-Macular Adhesion and Vitreo-Macular traction

VMT and VMA occurs when the vitreous humor, or the clear gel in the back of the eyeball,fails to  separates from the retina, or more specifically the macula, causing distorted and blurred visual acuity instead of normal floaters. Sometime this can lead to a macular pucker (think of a wrinkle on the retina) or a full thickness macular hole. These are often conditions that often need to be repaired with a surgical procedure in a hospital or outpatient surgical center under anesthesia, with the risk of anesthesia, plus post operative recovery and limitations of at least one to two weeks.

What can be done for Vitreo-Macular Adhesion or Vitreo-Macular Traction Instead of Surgery?

The Sarasota Retina Institute and Dr. Waldemar Torres are  pleased to offer this new breakthrough that will alleviate these vision threatening condition with the convenience of a outpatient office visit. Jetrea is a new medication that can be injected into the vitreous and cause release of the tractions. Using the latest technology in retinal imaging known as Spectralis Optical coherence tomography that produces a cross section and three dimensional view of the retina, patients can be identified with this problem and often treated all in the same office visit. Intra vitreal injection or injections into the eye are everyday procedures in the armamentarium of our retinal doctors for  conditions as retinal detachment, diabetic retinopathy, inflammation and age related macular degeneration.

The effects and safety of Jetrea (Ocriplasmin) by ThromboGenics, were based on the MIVI and TRUST clinical studies that were published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2012. Sarasota Retina Institute was proud to be part of this research leading to a better understanding of Jetrea.

Dr Torres is  happy to be able to treat these challenging retinal conditions in the office, which were previously only treatable with laser and or retinal surgery. This has greatly improved patient care and visual recovery.

Why Are Dilated Eye Exams Important ?

“ The key is to have a retinal exam early before vision acuity is affected or lost by these macular conditions that often do not cause total blindness but a definitive distorted and blurred central visual acuity leading to a decrease in the quality of life as to not being able to read the newspaper, drive a car or play golf as others” I stress this to my patients daily.

If you have visual distortion related to retinal disease call Sarasota Retina Institute at 941-921-5335 for an appointment.

Waldo Torres, MD

Retina Specialist

Sarasota Retina Institute

Sarasota, Florida






  1. debbie downey says:

    Hello, I am trying to do some research for my mother who has been told she has macular hole in her right eye. They are wanting to do surgery and I read this artical about Jetrea. I was wondering if this is an alternative treatment for her. They say it is stage 3. Is this injection available to her?

    • Jody Abrams, M.D. says:

      Hi, and thank you for your question. Jetrea is available for in office use and it is most effective in small macular holes ( less than 250 microns) and or vitreo macular traction in the macula. It effectivity is around 25 to 30% releasing this aforementioned traction and the beauty is that if it does not work, still you can observe or do the surgery, meaning vitrectomy, membrane peel and gas injection.
      It is hard to say without examining her, did she had an optical coherence tomogram to determont the size and status of the macular hole??
      Waldemar Torres, MD

  2. I have been diagnosed with an epiretinal membrane. Surgery has been suggested as my only option. Is Jetrea effective in treating my condition?

    • Jody Abrams, M.D. says:

      Jetrea can help if there is some traction of the vitreous onto the macula that is causing the membrane issue. On OCT would give a lot of information on it. Where are you located ?

      Jody Abrams

  3. My 22 year old son has Retinitis Pigmentosa – diagnosed when he was 16 years old. His eye doctor said he has a vitreal traction in his left eye and recommends he make an appointment with his retina specialist. Do you recommend that we ask his retina specialist about JETREA?
    Thank you.

    • Jody Abrams, M.D. says:

      Sue if there is traction Jetrea can be a big help and save him from going through a surgery. I would talk with the retina doctor about it and what the options and possible help of the Jetrea versus surgery versus observation would be.

      Jody Abrams, MD

  4. Hi I am 24 years old and developed floaters in both eyes a year and a half ago. I’ve been told by a retina-vitreous specialist that while not FDA approved for the treatment of floaters Jetrea is something that has known to potentially reduce or eliminate floaters as part off-label usage. What’s your unbiased take on this Doc? Thank you

    • Jody Abrams, M.D. says:

      They are correct that Jetrea is not FDA approved for the treatment of floaters. I do not know of anyone around here commonly using it for floaters. At 4000 dollars an injection I would make sure it is going work. I would recommend talking to Dr Jerry Sebag as her is an expert in the use of Jetrea and other treatments for floaters.

      Jody Abrams, MD

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