Getting The Bugs Out of Your Vision

Many people start to experience visual floaters as they age.  These are due to changes in the vitreous (the jelly in the eye) that lead to small shadows being cast on the retina. People will often come into the office complaining about thinking there is a small bug flying around their head.

What To Do If You Notice Floaters

These floaters can come on gradually or can be a sudden onset. It is a good idea to have a retina physician examine your eye to make sure there are no retinal tears or retinal detachments. If these are present and treated early the vision can be saved from severe loss.

Do Floaters Cause Visual Loss

Most people will only occasionally notice the floaters and there is not much of a complaint from them. Others however have a lot of problems with their floaters. The vision can be 20/20 and still have significant visual disturbance that is hard to test with our current technology. But we have all had patients whose lives are affected by the floaters.

What Can Be Done For Floaters

Until recently we told patients that there was no safe way to treat floaters. A few doctors have used a special laser (called a YAG laser) to treat the floaters, but this has a increased risk level of causing severe visual loss. It was known for sometime that retinal surgery called a vitrectomy can remove the floaters but there was risk associated with it. That was the thought until recent technology changes.

 Surgical Treatment For Floaters

Today our retinal doctors can use an advanced technique called 25 gauge vitrectomy to safely treat floaters. Unlike previous techniques the risk of this surgery is similarly to the most common ophthalmic surgery, cataract surgery.  The use of 25 gauge vitrectomy is now becoming a recognized treatment for floaters in patients who are symptomatic.


In the next few weeks we will be presenting articles on 25 gauge vitrectomy and the procedures used to treating floaters. Dr. Chen and Torres are proud to bring this treatment to the Sarasota area and look forward to helping patients who previously had little hope.


If your floaters are bothering you, call Dr. Chen or Torres at 941-921-5335 to schedule and appointment for evaluation.


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  1. Michael Hernandez says:

    My name is Michael Hernandez. I am from Chile. I would like to know the price of this treatment, and the time from the first visit until I can return to my country, I do not speak English, but Dr. Torres should speak Spanish right?

    • Jody Abrams, M.D. says:

      Estimado senor Hernandez:
      Gracias por su interes en la Vitrectomia sin suturas para los flotadores y desprendimiento del vitreo. El costo total del procedimiento es alrededor $4500
      Mi tarifa es de $2000, el centro quirurgico es de $2047.25, y $ 400 por cada hora de anesthesia.
      Este es un procedimiento hecho bajo anesthesia local, de aproximadamente 25-45 minutos de duracion. La recuperacion es muy rapida, sin suturas, que elimina los flotadores inmediatamente.
      Si tiene otras preguntas, con mucho gusto me puede llamar al 941-921-5335
      Gracias y sinceramente,

      Waldemar Torres, MD