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Sarasota Retina Insitute has office locations in Sarasota, Venice, Pt. Charlotte

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Port Charlotte, FL 33952

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  1. Margueritte V. Smith-Jones says:

    I would like Dr. Abrams to know that I had back to back auras on 2/26, one day after coming to the Port Charlotte office to discuss my MRI. I had another aura today …..March 3rd… I was supposed to follow up with Dr. Montoya but she does not accept my insurance. I need to know if Dr. Abrams is concerned about the frequent auras, and also if there is another neurologist that he could suggest, maybe in Venice or Sarasota. Thank you. Margueritte

    • Jody Abrams, M.D. says:

      Call the office in the AM and speak with Emily. We can help address the problem.

      Jody Abrams, MD

  2. Cynthia Group says:

    I am a Physical Therapist in South Carolina. My 91 yo mother lives in Port Charlotte. She had a stroke 2 weeks ago. The primary effect of the stroke is a 25 percent right visual field cut. I have been looking for an Occupational Therapist with experience in this area. Preferably one that could see her through Home Health. I am wondering if there is a therapist or agency that you would recommend?

    • Jody Abrams, M.D. says:

      There is a group called nurse on call that does home health in your mothers area. They were starting a visual rehab service for home health. Outside of that the only other option I know of is at Sarasota Memorial for out patient therapy.

      Jody Abrams, MD

  3. I was treated for migraines with botox in NYC. I’ve moved to North Port and am looking for someone to do the same for me here. It was covered under medicare. Do you offer the same?

    • Helen,
      We do Botox for migraines and it is usually covered by medicare. We have to do some documentation about the headaches with you first visit to ensure they cover it, but often that is it. Call 941-921-5335 and we can get you scheduled and help keep your migraines controlled.

      Jody Abrams, MD

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