Talking Macular Degeneration

Recently Drs. Levy, Torres, and Rivero were asked to speak at the local Macular Degeneration Group meeting. They were happy to inform the group of recent changes in the treatment of macular degeneration.

If you were unable to attend this lecture, never fear. Through the incredible power of the web you can see the presentations here .

Dr. Torres gave a great update on emerging treatments for macular degeneration.

Dr Rivero presented what optical options are available for patients with macular degeneration for visual rehabilitation

Dr. Levy gave an update on the implantable miniature telescope. This little device is bringing incredible hope to patients with macular degeneration.

If you would like to learn more about any of these presentations, please contact our office at 941-921-5335



  1. I have been a patient of Dr. Chen and Dr. Torres for 8 years . I live in Illinois and I”m apatient of theirs for the winter. I have Macula r Degeneration. I have been very impressed the treatment I have received.
    I have a daughter that is blind by PXE I have a son that also has it. Does any of your Doctors studied this. We need to find a treatment for it. Have you any information for us. We really need to find some help. Any references??

    Marlene Corman
    1200 N. State St Monticello, Il. 61856 Ph. 217 762 9252

    • Jody Abrams, M.D. says:

      We appreciate the kind words about our retina doctors. They strive to deliver top notch care. Both Dr. Chen and Torres have knowledge of pseudoxanthoma elasticum. While we do not have any current studies in our clinic, they can help provide some information about some centers that might have a study going on. I would suggest talking with them during your next visit. They will take the time to listen and give advice to try and help.

      Jody Abrams, MD

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