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Jody Abrams, MD, FACS
Sarasota Retina Institute
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  1. Mrs. Peggy Seiler says:

    I need your advice on how to go about a possible appointment with Dr. Chen who has been highly recommended by a friend that use to work for him. My referral, however, will come from Visalia Eye Center, Dr. Stan H. Feil, M.D.

    I am a missionary serving in Africa, but in February this year, knowing that something was wrong with my eyes, while home on furlough and at my mission headquarters in Visalia I had my eyes checked. Both have cataracts and both have macular pucker. I had to return to Zimbabwe in April, but I am now looking at returning to the U.S. and being in the Sarasota area by the 1st of December this year, and possibly earlier. It is for that time period I would like to begin the process of examinations and treatment as required.

    Dr. Stan Feil wrote a letter 02/12/2015 in hopes we could have changed our air tickets, but that did not work out and I needed to return to Africa. He wrote: “The above patient is considered legally blind and requiring multiple surgeries, including retinal surgery and these services are not available in Zimbabwe.” Although my local doctor could recommend cataract removal here, he feels it is best to return to the United States for the surgery required. Dr. Stan Feil also recommended a lens for the right eye that is legally blind.

    My name is Peggy Seiler (Mrs) DOB 8/23/1949 and my account number with Visalia Eye Center is 49018. I am on medicare A and B and my supplemental insurance is Everence. I took out Everence in Pennsylvania as this is my birth place and where I return to my family, and use as my stateside residence, but we will eventually be living permanently in Palmetto, Florida as we now have family in that area. Once permission is granted my husband and I will return to Zimbabwe, even if for a short season before permanently settling in Palmetto.

    I have downloaded the new patient form for Dr. Chen and can fill this out and mail it to you.

    Please advise me on the steps to take.
    1. Do I ask Dr. Feil to send a referral letter to Dr. Chen?
    2. Once I know a definite date for sometime in November and likely December may I have the examinations and from there approximately how long would it take from beginning to end for cataract and macular pucker operations and time period before I would be allowed back on a plane to fly to Africa. I would like to give an estimation time for my mission as to how long I will be on “medical leave.”

    Thank you for advice and assistance. Any other information you require I will be willing to supply for you.

    With kindest regards,
    Mrs. Peggy Seiler

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