Reflections and Updates

I sat down to start writing an article for the website, and while multiple clinical topics came to mind, I started to think of all that has gone on in the almost two years since I have arrived here in Florida. We moved down here to enjoy the wonderful climate Florida offers.

We Truly Live in Paradise

My eldest son and I sailed our little sailboat in races around the area, and have occasionally lucked out and been in the lead for a minute or two.  My wife and older daughter have been improving with their tennis game and meet multiple friends on the court in our local neighborhood. We have all learned how special it is to move to reside in Florida. I have lived in many places, and while the communities were friendly, this is the first time we felt accepted as part of the group not just a new outsider. We truly live in paradise.

Bells Will Be Ringing

As we have become incorporated into the Florida community, other doctors at Sarasota Retina have been welcoming new members to their families. Over the last 2 months both Dr. Spoor and Dr. Levy have celebrated the weddings of the daughters to wonderful young men. I have had a hard time telling which doctor was more excited as both have been beaming with joy. I was lucky to sit back and learn from them what to look forward to with my daughters.

A Brave New World

And last is my new found world of the Internet as a way to educate. I was lucky to been asked by Dr. Chen to take on the task of learning how this can help our patients and then to implement it. Every week I get to spend time online with my new online mentor, Dr. Randy Wong, and learn how to improve my articles to help more people. This has been an incredible new adventure since I like to educate and talk. Both can be done at the same time here and the feedback I get from patients is great.  I have been amazed how much better an understanding these articles give to my patients on the numerous disease processes we treat.

I do have to apologize about my grammar mistakes. While I have been through numerous English classes in high school and college, I still make mistakes. We try to catch them but I sometimes do not let others proof read my articles since I like to get them out to the readers. Do not view this as a bad reflection on my Louisiana education, we do speak more then Cajun there.

So keep reading the post as there are some exciting new things coming out for our patients. As a tease let me say those of you we told to live with floaters, that might be changing very soon

Jody Abrams, MD


Sarasota Retina Institute

Sarasota, Florida.