Doctors and Staff

The Doctors of Sarasota Retina Institute

The Doctors of Sarasota Retina Institute

The Sarasota Retina Institute researches, diagnoses and treats diseases of the retina, optic nerve and orbit.  Sarasota Retina Institute has been internationally recognized for treating complex eye problems such as macular degeneration, retinal detachments, diabetic and thyroid-related eye diseases, strabismus, optic nerve diseases, ocular trauma and infections.

The Institute is currently participating in the following national clinical trials to enhance knowledge, evaluate and treat people with the latest drugs and devises to improve their vision problems:

      • AREDS 2
      • Bayer NAION
      • Quark NAION
      • Eli Lilly NAION
  • Genentech Ride
  • VisionCare IMT
  • ForseeHome Study
  • DRCR Network Studies