Certified Orthoptist

Educational Excellence

Sarasota Retina Institute proudly employs a certified orthoptist, Rikki Gilligan, one of only about 400 in the entire USA. She studied and became certified in Muenster, Germany. After her schooling she worked in a pediatric ophthalmology practice in Germany. Rikki has worked with patients ranging from babies with lazy eye (Amblyopia) or misaligned eyes (Strabismus) to teenagers and adults. Wanting to explore her world Rikki moved to the United States. Once here, Rikki found that her calling was more in the adult world of orthoptics.

Doctor Rikki Gilligan image

Rikki Gilligan, Orthoptist

Rikki joined Sarasota Retina Institute in 1992 and has been working closely with our Neuro-Ophthalmologists Dr. Marc LevyDr. Thomas Spoor, and Dr. Jody Abrams to take care of our adult patients, which she really enjoys very much. We are lucky to have her here as very few orthoptist work outside the pediatric world leaving many adult practices to fend for themselves.

Rikki is married and lives in Sarasota. They enjoy the wonderful beaches, bike riding, cooking gourmet meals, and traveling back to Germany to see family and friends.